Front Panels and Graphic Overlays

Front Panels and Graphic Overlays


Graphic Overlays, Faceplates & Front Panels

A custom graphic overlay makes a powerful first impression of your company and your equipment. The graphic overlay is the first thing users see when they interact with your equipment. Technigraphics can produce custom graphic overlays, keypad overlays, faceplates, control panel overlays, and membrane switch overlays, using advanced digital printing, traditional screenprinting, or a combination of both.

Front Panels and Graphic Overlays

For five decades, front panel graphic overlays have looked pretty much the same….."industrial". That's because screenprinting hasn't changed much either. It still prints one spot color at a time, with coarse-looking 65-to-100-line screen resolutions, and limited design options. But that was then.

Get ready to think about graphic overlays in a whole new light!

With our Indigo S2000 digital printing press, Technigraphics can print virtually any graphic that can be designed on just about any substrate. Spot colors, too? You bet. And with 4- or 6-color process-color combinations of screen resolutions up to 230 lines per inch, you can get dazzling, bright colors, fades and gradients (drop shadows) that will add stunning visual appeal and clarity to any graphic overlay.

Digitally printing your graphic overlays eliminates costly films, screens, and press setup times associated with traditional multi-color screenprinting. This also allows for fast turnaround times. Click here to learn more about our Rapid Prototyping overlay service.

Other features of our custom graphic overlays include:

Material Choicesclick here to see more information about the materials you can choose from to design your custom graphic overlay, panel front, or keypad overlay.

Contact us now for a quotation or sample requests, or for any additional information you need.


Material Choices & Options

To get information and technical data on our materials, click here » › Material Info

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