PCB Membrane Switches

PCB Membrane Switches


PCB Membrane Switches

PCB Membrane Switch constructions utilize a printed circuit board (PCB) which can serve a dual purpose in your membrane switch design. With a PCB membrane switch, the PCB can serve as a rigid support backer, as well as a durable and reliable method to incorporate LED’s, resistors, LCD’s and other components.

PCB Membrane Switches

PCB membrane keyboards offer you a variety of design options:

PCB Switches are usually more expensive than Silver Flex membrane keypads, but can accommodate more complex and dense circuit patterns. A PCB membrane switch also allows the electronic components to be “hard-soldered” into the PCB, whereas membrane switch components are placed using a polymer thick film conductive paste.

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Material Choices & Options

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PCB Membrane Switches Specifications

Typical PCB Membrane Switches Value Ranges

Actuation Force4 - 16 oz.
Switch Travel.007 - .011 in.
Switch Life*3,000,000
Contact ConfigurationSPST Normally Open
Contact Rating5 - 24 VDC, 1 - 150mA, 1 watt
Contact Bounce‹ 20 ms
Circuit Resistance5 - 1000 ohms
Capacitance‹= 50 pf
Storage Temp.-40C - +80C
Operating Temp.-30C - +60C

* Switch life may vary depending on tactile dome material (steel or polyester), spacer thickness, spacer hole diameter, and graphic overlay thickness. Operating at extreme ends of the specified temperature ranges may cause a reduction in switch life.

Technigraphics has partnered with membrane switch manufacturer Pannam Imaging. Read more here.


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