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Printing 4-Color Process, Halftones & Gradients

Why Technigraphics?

Whether you are designing a serialized membrane switch overlay or a 3-D lenticular promotional card, we can help. Give us a call! You’ll enjoy how easy we are to work with!

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Printing 4-Color Process, Halftones & Gradients

Get ready to think about graphic overlays and labels in a whole new light! With our advanced Indigo S2000 digital printing press, Technigraphics can print virtually any graphic that can be designed on just about any substrate. With 4- or 6-color process-color combinations of screen resolutions up to 230 lines per inch, you can get dazzling, bright colors and gradients (drop shadows) that will add visual appeal and clarity to any graphic overlay.

The Indigo S2000 can produce parts up to 11.5" x 17.5" for applications such as:

  • graphic overlays
  • keypad overlays for membrane switches
  • variable data printing (including bar coding)
  • domed computer logo labels
  • short-run printing
  • mousepads
  • point of sale/display
  • counter mats
  • window graphics
  • magnetic signs and labels
  • flexible packaging
  • business cards
  • greeting cards
  • shelf wobblers
  • security printing
  • 3-D lenticular and lenticular flip printing

A wide variety of substrates can be printed on the Indigo S2000, such as:

  • polycarbonate
  • polyester
  • PVC
  • polystyrene
  • coated papers
  • pressure sensitive label stocks (vinyls and polyesters)

A special capability of our Indigo S2000 Digital Press is the ability to produce promotional graphics such as 3-D lenticular, and lenticular flip printing. Click here for more information.

The electronic artwork you provide us is a critical component of insuring the quality of the final printed image. For 4-color process printing, Raster (CMYK) formats are acceptable and should be saved at 300 dpi or greater at the size they are printing. However, our ability to edit these files is limited. Therefore, much of the preliminary work must be done by you. For more information on prepress artwork guidelines, click here.

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