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Rapid Prototyping

Why Technigraphics?

Just tell us your delivery requirements, and we’ll work with you to meet your delivery date. Try us out. You’ll enjoy how easy we are to work with!

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Rapid Prototyping

Need your order in a hurry? At Technigraphics we take pride in delivering rapid prototypes quickly and accurately.

To support your most demanding lead time requirements, Technigraphics has invested in a completely digital production process by installing high-speed lasercutting equipment and an advanced Indigo S2000 digital printing press. These digital processes reduce setup times, avoid expensive tooling costs, and reduce lead times.

Important Considerations Affecting the Delivery Time

  Product Considerations:

One of the key factors that reduces your prototype lead time is the ability to eliminate or minimize the amount of traditional screenprinting that your product requires.

  • Graphic overlays and labels with white adhesive require no screenprinting and can be produced very quickly in a matter of days (after you approve the final artwork layout).
  • Graphic overlays with integrated membrane switches will require screenprinting of the circuit layers. This will result in a few extra days of production time (and cost).
  • Graphic overlays that include the following features will add cost and a few extra days to the delivery time:
    • LED, LCD and other display windows in the overlay
    • Keypad embossing
    • Selective texturing of the overlay display windows
    • Large areas of custom spot colors may require screenprinting
    • Embedded LED’s
    • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Our maximum digitally printed part size is 11.5” x 17.5”. Any size larger would be screenprinted and require extra time (and cost).

  Artwork & Documentation Considerations:

The artwork and documentation you provide is a critical factor that can shave precious days off your rapid prototyping delivery time.

  • It is strongly recommended to supply the original artwork file in its native format, such as Illustrator (.ai), Corel (.cdr), or Photoshop (.psd).
  • Convert all text to paths/outlines/curves to avoid font conflicts.
  • Avoid using formats such as JPEG and GIF
  • If you do submit bitmap images, please save them as a 300 dpi CMYK image, sized at 100%. For parts smaller than 2 inches, please provide a file at twice the size (200%).
  • Specify colors by their CMYK process values or by a coated PMS (Pantone Matching System) color number.

Please click here for more information about artwork guidelines. Adhering to these guidelines can help save valuable hours/days of delivery time.

A Final Word about Rapid Prototyping

Many of our competitors make big profits charging you a substantial premium for a fast delivery. Technigraphics looks at things differently. We would never have lasted over 65 years by over-charging our customers to meet their quick delivery needs.

Just tell us your delivery requirements, and we’ll work with you to meet your delivery date. Try us out. You’ll enjoy how easy we are to work with!

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